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A tender and vivid novel about a failing marriage set in the milieu of the Edwardian music hall. Forbes writes beautifully and is particularly insightful on the internal torment of a man brought down by the slow growth of self-deception. You can almost taste the food, feel the chill of dreary boarding-houses, hear the applause or jeers of theatre audiences in this painfully sad tale. Edith and Oliver fall in love after meeting in the glitzy world of the music hall in its Edwardian heyday. Edith is a spirited young woman who plays the piano by night; Oliver is an illusionist who dreams of fame and fortune. Their children arrive as the world begins to change, as cinemas crowd the high street, and the draw of the music hall wanes. Now desperate, Oliver needs one final illusion to put his name in lights, but will it be his family who pays the ultimate price? Relive the hard, peripatetic reality of theatre life behind the grease paint and glamour. 390pp, paperback.
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ISBN 9781474604697
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