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Huxley's 'Brave New World' has become, with Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', one of the twin pillars of the anti-utopian tradition in literature and the nightmarish world to come. Brave New World of 1932 was his contribution to the widespread fear of Americanisation which had been current in Europe since the mid-19th century and as a humorous, disturbing and curious ambivalent novel. What we have here today, Brave New World Revisited, was published in 1958. Huxley surveys contemporary society in the light of his earlier predictions and has a knack of keying into the anxieties of the moment. He was as sharp as ever on such pressing problems as overpopulation, the recrudescence of nationalism, and the fragility of the natural world. It is a series of essays which could reflect today's political climate - Trump's internment camps for illegal immigrant children; North Korea's dictatorship; Russia's control and alleged manipulation of Russian society. Huxley was a man ahead of his time and in his 1932 classic dystopian novel he depicted a future society in thrall to science and regulated by sophisticated methods of social control. This book written 30 years later checked the progress of his prophecies and argued that many of his fictional fantasies had grown uncomfortably close to the truth. His views on propaganda, advertising and government control is still an urgent and powerful appeal for the defence of individualism. 154pp, paperback.
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