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The word 'witch' definitely derives from the Old English 'wicca', but it is hard to know how the word came to mean a female practitioner of magic. It is the very vagueness that makes witchcraft so dangerous and endangered, and this little book encourages our use of practice of magic to connect with ourselves and the world around us, and to do the most good we can. Allow yourself to connect with your mind through candles, cards and crystals, and you don't have to start this book by believing in magic. Start by believing in yourself or simply wanting to. The affirmations are designed as a short statement to repeat (aloud if possible) that allows you to feel what it might be like to accept that statement as true. Concentrate on your breathing and repeat each line five times: 'I matter. I matter, and my ideas matter. I matter, and my opinions matter. I matter, and my decisions matter. I matter.' Learn about different kinds of witches, to be grateful for a refreshing breeze, the solid earth beneath your feet, a cool drink on a summer's day or a roaring fire on a cold night. Learn about the fifth element, sometimes called Spirit, that separates the living from the dead. Spirit animates all living things and is energy and we must acknowledge and honour this life force. Learn about how crystals work, how to choose them from the beautifully illustrated choices of citrine for sunshine, amethyst for stress relief, quartz for clarity, labradorite for curiosity, tiger's eye for perspective, malachite for transformation or turquoise for protection. Learn about the future, fortunes and the tarot, and exercises like candle making and growing herbs for magical and culinary purposes like rosemary and lemon balm, lavender and sage. We end with a little about the Moon and keeping a Moon journal to record your magical universe. An empowering, beautifully decorated 96 page handbook. Colour illus.
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