TESTAMENT OF WAR: Literature, Art and the First World War

TESTAMENT OF WAR: Literature, Art and the First World War

A. D. HARVEY    Book Number: 89080    Product format: Paperback

"So many of the best books about the First World War were written by misfits." This fascinating literary history adopts a probingly personal approach to the effects of the war on the writers and artists of the time. The quality of the expression matches the intensity of the experience, and the author suggests that the short staccato lines of the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti were the result of constantly keeping an eye on No-Man's Land for snipers. Compared with other nations, far fewer British officers were professional soldiers, leading to a freer approach to telling the truth about the war. Prose memoirs by Sassoon and Graves became bestsellers. The section on poetic technique draws on a wide range of verse, from Sorley's memorable "It is easy to be dead" to Seeger's "I have a rendezvous with death", not to mention scurrilous songs like the famous "Inky pinky parley-voo". Albert Ball, one of WWI's heroes, relapsed into baby language in letters home, and the author notes how many of the war writers in English had pre-existing personal problems. Ivor Gurney had shown symptoms of the psychiatric disorder which hospitalised him, and the conflicted sexuality of Brooke, Owen, Graves and T.E. Lawrence made its way into their writing. A fascinating final section examines what happened to German writers during the rise of Hitler and the outbreak of World War II. Ernst Jünger's account of his World War I experiences was a bestseller in 1920s Germany and in 1931 Jünger was "one of the most influential representatives of the new nationalism", but by 1943 he was on the fringes of the plot to assassinate Hitler. 288pp, paperback, notes, colour reproductions.
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