ST. GEORGE: Knight, Martyr, Patron Saint and Dragonslayer

ST. GEORGE: Knight, Martyr, Patron Saint and Dragonslayer

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Dragon slayer, a Christian martyr and legendary soldier. St George is the patron saint of England and a figure associated with the Islamic hero Al Khidr and the Green Man of pre-Christian myth. Understand the saint's cultural impact, whether that is the pre-Raphaelite's appreciation for George in artwork such as the stained-glass window The Wedding of St George and the Princess, created by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris, to John Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress in which the main character is a Christian who engages in a fight with the terrifying Apollyon figure who has a dragon-like figure. Learn about the Christian implications of the bloody battle between George and the Dragon, as told by Dominican Prior Jacobus de Voragine, in which George visited the Libyan city of Silena and baptised its king and people before conquering the fearsome beast, declining the reward from citizens and demanding it be distributed among the poorest families. Discover the place of dragons in myth and their relationship with humans who perhaps inspired the legendary figure, from Perseus who slew a sea monster in Palestine and Theseus, whose encounter with the minotaur parallels the theme of people terrorised by a man-eating monster, to the tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece in which there are two references to dragons, both planting dragon's teeth in a field and fighting off a huge dragon hanging from a tree where the golden fleece is mounted. The concept of St George also has emblematic significance, such as in the Cavalry Monument on Serpentine Road which was created by Adrian Jones following the First World War and depicts St George defeating the dragon. St George is not only a saint, but the patron saint of soldiers, horsemen and horses. Paperback, 144pp.
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