PANDA LOVE: The Secret Lives of Pandas

PANDA LOVE: The Secret Lives of Pandas

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Gentle, fluffy and bamboo eaters, giant pandas are conservation icons and majestic creatures both in sanctuaries and their natural habitats. Ami Vitale, a Nikon ambassador, National Geographic contributor and an American photographer and documentary filmmaker, has dedicated three years in China to collecting incredible snapshots of these beloved animals. Spot a baby panda rolling on the grass before its mother, admire another mother who cares for her three cubs (only one of which she bore), and smile at Liu Juan, a cub keeper at Bifengxia Giant Panda Base, being nuzzled by her furry charge. This photographic companion also includes facts and insight from the author on every page. Discover that, although they were only introduced to the Western world in the last century, giant pandas have been around for millions of years and were once as mythical and elusive as bigfoot. The book will educate readers on the realities of giant panda life today, acknowledging that there are fewer than 2,000 giant pandas left in the wild and celebrating the fact that poaching is no longer a problem for pandas as hunting them was made illegal in the 1960s with killing one resulting in a 20-year prison sentence. Amid the facts and fluffy black and white faces there are amusing photos of Ami and conservationists in panda suits such as a panda keeper in costume doing a two-month health check while dressed in his onesie and cradling a cub, or keepers Ma Li and Liu Xiaoqiang in their panda costumes with radio signals in their hands in order to track a collared panda which is training to be released into the wild. Whether watching the panda Zhang Xiang (The Thoughtful One) taking her first steps into Liziping Nature Reserve in 2013 or a pair of panda cubs practising climbing in and out of trees ready to climb from predators and sleep safely in the wild, this is a joyful and important companion sharing the fun and challenges of panda life. Colour photos, 162pp.
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