GUNPOWDER & GEOMETRY: The Life of Charles Hutton:

GUNPOWDER & GEOMETRY: The Life of Charles Hutton:

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Charles Hutton. One of Britain's most brilliant mathematicians. At the tender age of 18 in August 1755, he had been down in the coal pits in Newcastle on the north bank of the Tyne on and off for more than a decade, but by the time he died in 1823, he was a fellow of scientific academies in four countries and an acquaintance of the Lord Chancellor of England and the president of the Royal Society - he could be found with the latter feasting on oysters at Slaughter's coffee house in London. This biography is a thorough and vibrant study of Charles Hutton's life including gunpowder, geometry and scientific rebelliousness. Learn about the military importance of Charles Hutton's paper on ballistics which not only won the Copley Medal, the Royal Society's only medal for intellectual distinction, but was also important for the accurate firing of a cannon and the philosophy surrounding the effects of fired gunpowder. Discover the collaborative work of Hutton with his daughter Charlotte, with Charlotte creating a new expanded table of square roots (to twelve places of decimals) and making drawings and maps for her father as well as arranging his extensive library. This history transports readers from Woolwich Common in September 1787 where Hutton taught at the Royal Military Academy for 20 years after the American War, to meetings of the Royal Society at Somerset House in January 1784 where members debated aggressively and up to Mount Schiehallion in Scotland in June 1801, 2,000ft and more above sea level alongside Hutton's friend John Playfair. This book includes brilliant images such as a detailed diagram of Hutton's ballistic pendulum, a compelling portrait of Hutton around the time of his retirement and a landscape painting of Newcastle in 1745 with the busy traffic of ships along the waterfront. Unpick the details of the complex and exciting life of an icon in mathematic history. Paperback, black and white images, 312pp.
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