HISTORY OF THE WORLD: From the Dawn of Humanity

HISTORY OF THE WORLD: From the Dawn of Humanity

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A big title for a compact book which concentrates very much on international politics and war and which joins the dots in the history of 1.5 million years of Homo erectus. It is an epic story of human growth, survival and achievement across all continents and ages beginning with circa 6000-600 BC and the river of civilisation and early empires in China and Egypt, Mycenae and Knossos. Early empires, Persians and Greeks, Jews and Christians, Constantine, the rise of Islam, Muslim Spain, early America, India to the Guptas, Gaul to Britannia, Clovis to Charlemagne, Angles and Saxons and Vikings, here are clashes of cultures 1000-1600, the Holy Roman Empire, the Crusades, Aztecs and Incas, China and the Mongols. Moving to the 1500s are the New Worlds, gunpowder empires, early modern Europe and imperial expansion, the age of Enlightenment and the American Revolution, the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, Eastern superpowers India and China, exploration and empire building, the Arctic, cartography, the scramble for Africa, Mexico, China, South Africa and India. Then 1914-2003 stumbling into war, the Second World War and after, new nations, the Spanish Civil War, UN genocide, China, decolonisation, the Cold War, the Middle East, shrinking the world, and a little on air travel, the Internet, IT, Soviet collapse and the rise of China and towards the third millennium. A fantastic book to dip into time and again. 467pp in paperback, some photos and maps.
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