CAPTAIN COOK AND THE PACIFIC: Art, Exploration & Empire

CAPTAIN COOK AND THE PACIFIC: Art, Exploration & Empire

JOHN MCALEER & NIGEL RIGBY    Book Number: 88940    Product format: Hardback

James Cook's voyages of exploration around and across the Pacific Ocean were a marvel of maritime achievement and provided the first accurate map of the Pacific. The expeditions led by this British Royal Navy captain answered key scientific, economic and geographical questions, and inspired some of the most influential images of the Pacific made by Europeans. This splendid volume is rich with colourful oil paintings of lush landscapes, scientific and navigational instruments, ship plans, globes, charts and maps, rare books and manuscripts, coins and medals, ethnographic material and personal effects such as a fragment of tree attached to a card from the bark Endeavour, an Orient Line poster to Australia, an artistic impression of the shipwreck by the surgeon and artist on a later Pacific voyage, Louis Le Breton in a marvellous double page spread, beautiful botanical illustrations such as a branch of the bread-fruit tree with fruit from 1773 in another glorious full page colour plate, desert islands and great ships like the Resolution and Discovery in Tahiti and draughts, plans and sections, even war canoes from New Zealand 1770. We can become immersed in the adventure through the collections of London's National Maritime Museum, showcasing one of the richest sources of Cook-related material in the world. 256pp, 20 x 26cm in lavishly illustrated Yale University Press glossy publication. 253 illus, all in colour except engravings.
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