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Bibliophile is very excited to have found these individually boxed, two-volume glamorous hardback slipcased set, comprising Volume One A Visual Index and Volume Two The Geographical Index. The Visual Index is designed as a quick reference to guide you to more information about a mark you find on a silver object. They are organised by type, such as letters, numbers, human figures, animals and emblems, all of which are commonly found in different forms on silver marks around the world. The caption below each mark directs you to the page in Volume Two that will give you more information about what this type of mark represents and when and where it was used. The 'Letters' section for example lists marks with single letters first, then multiple letters, then words and names. Find out the significance of birds' heads, eagle, grouse and peacock, snail and scorpion, cat, dog and bull, elephant, panther and platypus, seahorse and shells, turtles or in Architecture bridges and churches, lighthouses and portcullis, in Celestial, the Moon and Zodiac signs and emblems and symbols like the chequerboard, the Maltese Cross or the Fleur-de-Lis. Flora and fauna, human figures facing left or right or parts of the body, mythical angels, mermaids and unicorns, and objects like boats and ships and drums and harps, shapes, utensils, weapons and other objects like the beehive or the book. Finally a look at world alphabets from Arabic to Turkish. Visually exciting, and organised by region beginning Northern Europe, England, Scotland, Jersey, Guernsey, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, truly a world story for anyone collecting, valuing or dealing, this is the only reference work you will need to confidently identify an unknown piece of silver from any country in the world. Features include an overview of assaying and the hallmarking process, how to identify fake and forged marks, a review of silver standards, maps showing key hallmarking centres and a directory of international silver societies, major museum collections and assay offices. Two volume slipcase.
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