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The gifted and versatile historian had a reputation for his narrative gifts and thoroughness of research and here he weaves political, social and art history into an elegantly readable and marvellously lively whole. Published by Phaidon which is a mark of quality and design, throughout the text are the most glorious woodcut illustrations by John Broadley and this edition contains a new chapter by Dr Sean Lang. The British melting pot is a story beginning in Neolithic times 5000 to 2500BC to the defeat of the Anglo Saxons in 1066, of natives and immigrants who brought from the Continent a new way of life with them, the building of Stonehenge, Celtic monks and druids. We then lead on to Roman Britain 55BC to AD450 and Julius Caesar's men invading, Boudicca leading an army of Britons against the Romans, pleasant home life, the attack of Hadrian's Wall AD368 and 383. Anglo Saxons, Norman Rule, the House of Plantagenet, Crown and People, Twilight of the Middle Ages, Tudor England, Early Stuart England, Empire and Industry, The Age of Reform, The 20th Century and Into the New Millennium are the clear short chapters highlighting the best of British. Read about the Festival of Britain or, Van Dyke painting a triple portrait of Charles I. Most useful are the royal family trees and descendants of Queen Victoria, maps and chronological charts of world and British chronology side-by-side in the areas of art, architecture and literature, and famous dates at a glance like 1694 when the Bank of England was established. An exciting way to revise our long and fascinating history. 256pp in illustrated softback. Remainder mark.
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