ARABIC ENGLISH: Bilingual Visual Dictionary

ARABIC ENGLISH: Bilingual Visual Dictionary

CHRISTINE STROYAN ET AL    Book Number: 88806    Product format: Paperback

A glorious gallery of 6,000 colour images on bright white paper covering the skeleton and human body, clothing, illness, the home, garden, pharmacy, food and eating out, office, farm, occupations, transport, sport and leisure, the weather to towns and more. This is a really quick way to learn words and phrases featuring a complete range of scenes from everyday life effective for learning from home. Each language has its own index at the back of the book and the Arabic is presented in Arabic script and Romanized pronunciation. When learning a new language, look out for cognates or words that are alike in different languages and derivations which are words that share a common root in a particular language. You can also see where English has imported some terms for food from Arabic and in turn Arabic has imported terms used in technology and popular culture. From outer space to the animal kingdom you will also find additional words and phrases for conversational use and for extending your vocabulary. Stimulating, practical and easy to use, this is a super visual guide and is accompanied by an audio app featuring native speakers for accurate pronunciation. Learn how to order your mint tea shaay bin-ni AnaaA whilst wearing your beautifully embroidered shibshib or slippers. 360pp in softback, remainder mark.
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