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The life of the ballet dancer Carlos Acosta is told in his own instantly likeable voice as we follow his poor but happy years in the streets of Los Pinos in Cuba to discovering the trappings of the West, and his quest to make his name at the Royal Ballet. He blends a mixture of wonder, respect and crucially affection in his book that was previously published under the title 'No Way Home' and here reprinted in paperback to tie in with the film Yuli. In 1980, Carlos was just another Cuban kid of humble origins, the younger son of a poor family named after the planter who had owned his great great grandfather. With a passion for football and a free spirit, running with a street gang and drawn to break-dancing, even at a young age Carlos had extraordinary talent. At nine he was skipping school to win break-dancing competitions when his father enrolled him in ballet school, hoping not only to nurture his son's talent, but also to curb his wildness. Years of loneliness, conflict and crippling physical effort followed, but today Carlos Acosta is an international ballet star and a legend in the dance world, His is a story of a childhood where food is scarce but love is abundant, where the soul of Cuba comes alive to influence a dancer's art. It is also about a man forced to leave behind his homeland and loved ones for a life of self-discipline, displacement and brutal physical hardship. He may make dance look effortless, but the grace, strength and charm of his performances have come at a cost. In 1998 he became the first black principal dancer at the Royal Ballet, Covent Garden, where he remains as Principal Guest Artist. 317pp in paperback and dozens of photos, many in colour including dancing with Tamara Rojo in Romeo and Juliet, in rehearsals, as a child and family photos. 320pp in paperback.
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