GREAT WAR: A Photographic Narrative

GREAT WAR: A Photographic Narrative

MARK HOLBORN & HILARY ROBERTS    Book Number: 88780    Product format: Hardback

Photographic archivist Mark Holborn produced that exceptional London book we sold out of last month so we are thrilled to have from his expert curation this extraordinary photographic narrative of the First World War, produced in association with Imperial War Museums. It is a spectacular and unique illustrated history of 380 black and white photographs right from the gun that fired the first shot of the war to the final photograph of an audio recording showing the arrival of silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Photography was no longer in its infancy and small pocket cameras meant personal pictures could be taken by men at the front. But once professional photographers arrived, their images would be used to record this vast, unprecedented conflict, caught on film by unknown civilians, military photographers and the press. The cinematic quality of these images is immediate and up-close, whether it is Tsar Nicolas II on horseback inspecting his troops in July 1914, crowds cheering King George V, Queen Mary, and the Prince of Wales in front of Buckingham Palace after Britain declared war on Germany on 4th August 1914, a troop ship of the British Expeditionary Force with the 11th Hussars on board approaching Le Havre on 16th August 1914, three German Zeppelins on their way to bomb England in August 1915, the devastated battlefields of the Somme 1916, American soldiers marching down Piccadilly 1917, Colonel T. E. Lawrence on the balcony of a hotel in Damascus half an hour after he resigned his position in the Arab Army on 3rd October 1918 - we are seeing remarkable moments of history captured only on film. Some of the aerial combat photography is the most exciting and the German barbed wire entanglements the most poignant together with helmeted soldiers scrambling through the trenches or dead German soldiers under sandbags. 503pp, first edition 2013. 11½" square.
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An excellent book
from Anonymous on 31/01/2021
This is a mighty tome which contains not only many of the classic WW1 photographs but many more besides. The picture quality is excellent and the coverage is vaste.
I wanted to buy this book when it first came out but the price was far too high. The Bibliophine price in my opionion is a real steal.
Highly recommended.