CHASING THE MOON: The Story of The Space Race

CHASING THE MOON: The Story of The Space Race

ROBERT STONE & ALAN ANDRES    Book Number: 88763    Product format: Paperback

3...2...1... We have lift off! More than one fifth of the people on the planet paused to watch the live transmission of the Apollo 11 mission. This book shares the untold stories of those who made the moon landing possible and includes both eyewitness accounts and newly discovered archival materials. The journey starts on 16th July, 1969 as the sun rises over the northeast coast of Florida and nearly a million gather to witness the first journey to the moon. Step into the shoes of Arthur C. Clarke who wrote one of the first serious pieces on space travel to the moon, ponder with President Kennedy the inconceivable progress of transforming a single astronaut's 15-minute flight to a return journey to the moon, and stand beside Wernher von Braun, the German-born rocket engineer, who watched the preparations on the 365 ft tall Saturn V. Learn about the numerous different space craft that the US developed during their race to the moon including the Gemini 8's tumbling end over end during a technical error as it circled Earth (though it - fortunately - did land and the pilots survived with great acclaim), the Launch Complex 18's failed launch only two months after Russia's success with Sputnik in 1957, and the Apollos including Apollo 9, which was the debut flight of the lunar module in Earth's orbit, Apollo 10, which was a test of the module's systems a mere 10 miles from the moon's surface, and the iconic Apollo 11 which would touch base on the moon's terrain. The political climate is also explored, from the unsuccessful advance on Cuba which briefly eclipsed questions concerning Yuri Gagarin's successful space mission from Russia, the Civil Rights Movement including the 1961 attacks on Freedom Riders in Louisiana and Alabama, and the continuous tensions of the Cold War outside the two geopolitical giants' space programmes such as the meeting of Khrushchev and Kennedy at the Vienna Summit. The book includes stunning photographs, ranging from action shots of astronaut Frank Borman preparing for Gemini 7 in 1965, Ed White walking in space (the first American to do so) in the June 1965 Gemini mission 4, and Werner von Braun's large Saturn C-1 rocket under construction at the Marshall Space Flight Centre in 1961, to the iconic images of man on the moon with a happy Neil Armstrong photographed in the lunar module after landing on the moon, Buzz Aldrin descending the lunar module ladder to step onto the moon and deploying a seismic experiment package, and the accidental photograph 'Earthrise' which anthropologist Margaret Mead described as being worth the whole cost of the Apollo space programme. Paperback, black and white and colour photographs, 370pp.
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