POTTERY PANORAMA: Dudson Bicentenary 1800-2000

POTTERY PANORAMA: Dudson Bicentenary 1800-2000

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The Dudson Group, unique in the Staffordshire Potteries, has sadly gone into administration, hence the disposal of this now rare reference book. It celebrates the bicentenary of a company of potters, run up until the early 2000s by the 7th and 8th generations of the family which founded it over 200 years earlier. It is written in tribute to their customers, agents and distributors across five continents and their book provides a window through which the world of the potter down the years can be understood and appreciated. They remember the hardships endured by their forebears when families living in North Staffordshire, as elsewhere, dug clay at their doorsteps to make the common domestic pots they needed. The story begins with the 17th century and the Stuarts when both rich and poor combined potting with cultivating the land and keeping a few animals. 'The 18th century was characterised by heavy drinking by both rich and poor...' Production in the early 1700s was mainly of brown salt-glazed stoneware or red stoneware which were made from the iron-stained local clays, fired to a high temperature, 1,100 degrees centigrade. White ball clay was brought into the area from Dorset and Devon and flint was also being imported to replace local sand. There are diagrammatic drawings of a bottle oven, the Churchyard Works at Burslem owned by the Wedgwood family, line art and contemporary drawings and caricatures, early maps including canals and turnpikes, a map of Hanley 1800, press mouldings hollow and flatware and a superb selection of colour images, numbering approximately 200 including black and white, of cheese dishes, tankards and jugs, vases, cups and saucers with beautiful decorations of wild flowers, fern leaves, classical figures and other designs. A family tree, 262pp.
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