BABAR COLLECTION: Four Classic Stories Slipcased

BABAR COLLECTION: Four Classic Stories Slipcased

JEAN DE BRUNHOFF    Book Number: 88666    Product format: Hardback

The story of Babar the little elephant (here with a preface by A.A. Milne) is the classic first story about literature's most beloved pachyderm. Riding happily on his mother's back one day they are shot at and his mother is killed by a hunter. Babar avoids capture by escaping to the city where he is befriended by the kindly Old Lady, presumably in Paris. He becomes educated and cultured wearing a delightful suit of a green colour and driving out in a red motorcar. In the evenings after dinner he told the Old Lady's friends all about his life in the Great Forest. He missed his little cousins and his friends the monkeys and often gazed out of the window dreaming of his childhood, and when he thought of his dear mother he used to cry. Then his cousins Arthur and Celeste two years later arrived in the city where he bought them some lovely clothes, took them to a teashop, but meanwhile in the Great Forest all the elephants were searching and their mothers grew more anxious for the youngsters. After a sad goodbye to the Old Lady, the three set off in Babar's car and are welcomed by Cornelius, the oldest elephant of all. 'My dear friends, we must have a new king. Why not choose Babar?' The beautiful story ends with Babar and Celeste's wedding and setting out on their honeymoon in a glorious yellow balloon to meet with new adventures. And they do because there are three more titles in this box set of four: Babar's Travels, Babar the King and Babar at Home. Translated from Jean de Brunhoff's original French, and aimed at children aged 4-8 years, the text is cursive so may be more suitable to read aloud. Certainly adult collectors and those who appreciate exquisitely beautiful colour artwork (and can excuse some of the more colonial and Eurocentric references of the period when they were written some 80 years ago) will adore this collection. 46 pages in each colour illustrated hardback. Slipcased.
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