MUSEUM OF LIFE: Natural History Museum

MUSEUM OF LIFE: Natural History Museum

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By digging up the past we can better understand all creatures great and small, the power of insects and life's diversity. The much-loved Natural History Museum houses one of the greatest collections of specimens of the natural world ? 70 million of them altogether ? from Dippy the Dinosaur and Archie the Giant Squid to creatures collected by the great Charles Darwin and the historic notebooks written by Alfred Russel Wallace in a cathedral to nature which is a never-ending source of wonder and delight. Published to accompany a six part BBC TV series, many aspects of Museum life are investigated as vaults are opened, world-leading scientists observed, and public spaces explored. Now we can take an even closer look from the leisure of our armchairs at natural history specimens, literature and artworks, mammoth skeletons to cacao beans, seaweed which reaches eight metres in length, bird specimens, a giant blue whale to the tiniest mosquito or worm. Learn also through fossils and genes showing modern humans spreading across the globe about 200,000 years ago, first around Africa then radiating to other continents. We follow museum scientists into the laboratory and out into the field to find out how they are trying to conserve and catalogue the natural world, help solve global problems in agriculture, medical and forensic science. Join botanists in the hunt for the origins of the British bluebell in Spain, discover how Museum experts are tackling disease in Uganda and find out how to spring clean a 100 year old, 26 metre long dinosaur model. Featuring stunning photos of life behind the scenes at the museum. 192pp, 9" x 10¼". Colour.
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