QUEEN VICTORIA: Scenes and Incidents of her Life and Reign

QUEEN VICTORIA: Scenes and Incidents of her Life and Reign

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For the better part of the 19th century Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain and Ireland and all of the territories of the British Empire. During the Victorian era Britain flourished economically, socially and politically and immense advances were made in the military, science and medicine. The Queen herself through her marriage to her cousin Albert gave birth to nine children who would populate the royal families of Europe. It is no hyperbole to state that Victoria and her reign rate as some of the most important people and periods in world history. George Alfred Henty (1832-1902) was a prolific adventure writer and war correspondent, particularly of the Crimean War. He wrote this account of Victoria, her life and her reign in 1901, not long after her death and not long before his own and it remains one of her most impeccably written, precise and concise biographies, even today. Much of this is because of the immediacy of its narration, assisted, of course, by the fact that all these events were still in living memory and Henty's ability as a writer shines through in his captivating prose. Here are all the pivotal events, both personal, national and international of her historic reign, complemented by a great many delightful contemporary pen and ink drawings of Victoria, Albert, their children and important characters, military engagements and national events. Includes war poems and descriptions. 2017 US paperback reprint, apologies for remainder mark.
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