LED ZEPPELIN: All the Albums, All the Songs

LED ZEPPELIN: All the Albums, All the Songs

MARTIN POPOFF    Book Number: 88491    Product format: Hardback

Popoff's almost 8000 reviews as a music critic qualify him to write this impressive Led Zeppelin fanbook. Formed in 1968 for a Scandinavian tour, Led Zeppelin was a reincarnation of the New Yardbirds, with only guitarist and songwriter Jimmy Page as a survivor from the original Yardbirds. They took their name from the iconic and doomed Zeppelin airship the Hindenburg. The nine chapters in this rollercoaster of a tribute are based on the group's albums, though some of them were "untitled", and every song gets its double-spread moment of glory with stunning still photographs and commentary. In the song "Good Times Bad Times", lead vocalist Robert Plant "peels off some of his patented high screams" in this hard rock tour de force which also features John Bonham's quick grace-note style triplets on a single bass drum. "Dazed and Confused" reminds us of the band's roots in the Blues. "Four Sticks", rife with apocalyptic images, foregrounds Bonham's odd-time riff in a mixture of 5/8 and 6/8. "No Quarter" from the Houses of the Holy album, which became a perennial live favourite, is dominated by an underwater keyboard sound suggestive of a psychedelic bad trip. Physical Graffiti from 1975 is in Popoff's view the greatest album of all time with no filler or weak spots, while In Through the Out Door of 1979 shows the band under the strain of illness and addition. Coda in 1982 mourns Bonham's untimely death. 254pp, featuring all the songs, with colour photos on every double spread.
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