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Hop on board the railway system the length of Cuba and explore the last days of the Castro regime, a journey beginning at the capital, Havana, which was once dominated by the US mafia, and reaching its pique at Guantánamo naval base and detention camp. Award-winning journalist Peter Millar journeys across this mysterious country, transporting readers from 'Ramón somebody or other', a member of the Cuban politburo, delivering a lecture to a regional party congress in Las Tunas, to the 'Athens of Cuba', Matanzas, which had old colonial architecture and legendary African bata drummers. He travels on to Santa Clara, the city associated with 'secular saint and martyr, the chess-playing, motorcycle-mad humanitarian medic and ruthless revolutionary' Ernesto 'Che' Guevara which now houses the Che Guevara mausoleum. Learn that the name, Daiquirí, (the city) is derived from the long-vanished indigenous Taino people but found its fame in the early 20th century when an American mining engineer made a drink from white rum poured over the locally plentiful staples of lime and sugar. At Guantánamo Bay, admire the artistic graffiti depicting a Cuban flag and the slogan: Te Quiero Libre (I want you to be free) on José Martí Street, taste the famous salt, which was called 'the best in Cuba', and stand on the watchtowers and radar domes on the low green tropical hills, on which you can see the barbed wire and camps which house men in orange jumpsuits in the distance. The travel novel also includes a black and white map showing the train route from Havana to Guantánamo. Set off on this journey, whether joining Millar in a peso bar sipping Mulato rum made in Santiago, the original Bacardi distillery, or watching the sun go down at Havana's most famous paladar (restaurant chain), La Moneda Cubana with a great cannon being fired across the bay at 9pm each evening. Paperback, map, 264pp.
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