BEST MINDS OF MY GENERATION: A Literary History of the Beats

BEST MINDS OF MY GENERATION: A Literary History of the Beats

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The cover quote nails it: "I don't remember much anymore, I can't remember who f**ked who, when, or who wrote what anymore, and this may be one of the last times I'll actually be able to remember that and get it straight." Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) was a poet, activist and the Beat Generation's (a term he coined himself) most renowned writer. Amongst his many achievements were the National Book Award for Poetry and his groundbreaking poem "Howl", written 1954-5 and first published in 1956, is one of the most widely read and translated poems of the 20th century. This book is a unique document, both a primer and repository of Beat lore, is compiled and edited by renowned Beat scholar and author Bill Morgan and is based on a series of lectures first given by Ginsberg in 1977. In these pages he ranges widely, from the origin of the "Beat" name, the influence of jazz in Beat rhythm and sound, the development of the "cut-up" method by which new works were created by "mashing together" pre-existing ones, to the many intimate moments, both funny and tragic that cemented his connection to Kerouac, Burroughs, Snyder et al. This truly is a unique mixture of memoir, criticism, literary gossip and musings, both wonderfully digressive and deeply revelatory and an essential addition to the library of Beat literature, a must-have for Beat aficionados and neophytes alike. 460pp paperback.
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