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One of the most important movements in the history of the world, the Renaissance in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, changed the way people thought and behaved. This collection of 120 extracts from Renaissance writing encapsulates the thinking of the times including Cervantes, Boccaccio, Montaigne, Dürer, Rabelais, Cellini, Galileo and Savonarola. With contributions from the political theorist Machiavelli, the theologian and reformer Martin Luther, the medical man Vesalius, the astronomer Copernicus, the courtier Castiglione, the poet Sir Philip Sidney, the sculptor Michelangelo and the Neo-Platonist philosopher Pico della Mirandola. Pico's vision of humankind was to see people as almost godlike, but this was contested by the theologians of the day, including the humanist Erasmus as well as zealous Protestant reformers such as Savonarola and Knox. Erasmus's defence of free will against the predestination of Protestants such as Luther is a classic assertion of the primacy of reason. The presence of poetry in the collection reflects the civilised and courtly behaviour promoted by rulers such as Lorenzo de Medici, while the English lyrics of Wyatt and Sidney testify to the importance of educating the emotions. Ficino's praise of his patron the Duke of Urbino and Alberti's discussion of the perfect country house express the social structure of patronage, while the letter of Maximilian I asking the banking house of Fugger to finance his doomed bid for the papacy is amusingly reminiscent of modern wheeling and dealing. 756pp, paperback.
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