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Hitler's rise to power in 1933 precipitated a series of anti-Hitler plots involving some of the most senior officers in the Nazi administration. Among them was the chief of General Staff, Ludwig Beck, who became one of the conspirators who came close to assassinating Hitler in 1938. Hans Oster was a senior officer in the Abwehr who masterminded the growing resistance movement, recruiting the Gestapo agent Hans Bernd Gisevius and later Admiral Canaris. A third key conspirator was the former mayor of Leipzig who had resisted the repression of Jewish freedoms, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler. The army itself although loyal to Hitler was resistant to the idea of another war, and the appointment of peaceloving Franz Halder as Chief of General Staff was a key driver of the 1938 plot, the purpose of which was to avert war. For this the conspirators needed France and Britain to stand firm against Hitler, but when Chamberlain negotiated a postponement of the annexation of Czechoslovakia, the prospect of war temporarily receded and the plot failed. This was the last opportunity to remove Hitler with the support of the army. The next plot was conceived and executed by a man on his own, Georg Elser, who planned to plant a bomb in the Munich beer hall where Hitler was due to speak. Concealing himself night after night he hollowed out a pillar and deposited the bomb, only to find on the night that Hitler left early. During the war repeated plans were proposed with the help of Kordt at the foreign ministry and his associate, the commando Heinz, but they depended on assurances that the Allies would give support, and Churchill's government was suspicious of the German underground movement. Finally the July 1944 plot took shape under the leadership of von Stauffenberg. The author describes in detail the plot's accidental derailment, the fates of the conspirators and the various theories of resistance that scholars have used. 432pp, photos. Paperback.
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