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ITV's Political Editor and presenter of the politics show Peston on Sunday, Robert Peston has won more than 30 awards for his journalism. He wrote this book because the election of Trump, the Corbyn surge, the vote for Brexit all challenged how he thought the world could and should be run. There really has been a people's revolt against the way the West is run with British and French elections seeing millions of people shouting that they were sick to death and that we need to mend the terrible fractures in our society. With characteristic passion, Peston looks at how and whether it is possible to make a success of leaving the EU, what the lessons should be of the appalling Grenfell Tower tragedy, whether robots can be stopped from taking our work, what can be done to staunch the widening gap between rich and poor, how to raise living standards for all, and what must happen to prevent democracy being subverted by technocratic geniuses with the ability to manipulate social media. These are indeed challenges of our age because the combination of economic stagnation and a technological revolution is enriching the few and undermining the institutions we used to trust as the foundations of the state. What and who can we believe when it is almost impossible to know whether posts on Facebook and Twitter are hard news, or the fabrication of a Russian agent? His chapters include The Death of Progress, The Age of Emotion, Algorithms Win Elections, Who Are You?, The Great British Kakonomy, Who Is Really to Blame for Austerity? And in his discursive, conversational fact-studded trip, he asks how do we fix this mess? A compelling portrait of casino capitalism. 277pp.
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