AUTONOMY: The Quest To Build The Driverless Car

AUTONOMY: The Quest To Build The Driverless Car

LAWRENCE BURNS    Book Number: 88311    Product format: Paperback

This fascinating hybrid is part freewheeling history of the rise of the modern autonomous vehicle, part intimate memoir from an insider who was on the front lines for much of that history. We are brought up to speed on one of today's most closely-watched technologies from a former General Motors executive and current advisor to the Google Self-Driving Car project. He tells the definitive story of the race between Google, Tesla and Uber to create the driverless car. We stand on the brink of a technological revolution and in the very near future (as near as next April), most of us will be permitted to if not own, then travel in driverless electric vehicles, summoned at the touch of an app. We will be liberated from driving, so that the time we spend in cars can be put to more productive use. We will prevent more than 90% of car crashes, provide freedom of mobility to the elderly and disabled, and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. The book tells the story of the maverick engineers and computer experts who triggered the revolution. This perfectly timed history shows how we arrived at this point in a character-driven and vivid account of the unlikely thinkers who accomplished what billion-dollar automakers never dared. Beginning at a 2004 off-road robot race across the Mojave Desert with a million dollar purse and continuing up to the current stampede to develop driverless technology, the book chronicles the past, a diagnosis of the present, and a prediction of the future. 356pp in paperback.
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