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Popularised by Michael Portillo and the TV series Great British Railway Journeys, Bradshaw's handbook was an indispensable guide for the Victorian traveller. This attractive facsimile covers the whole of the UK with a gazetteer of everywhere you could go by rail, and there are some surprises for readers too young to remember the Beeching closure of branch lines. Starting with London, all the stations in an area are listed, although the author admits that if you enter London through one of the railway termini, "the dense atmosphere, the squalid appearance of the people, exclude all feelings of pride or admiration from our thoughts". Notable landmarks are described in detail on a "Visitors' Guide through London", for instance the "tasteful and pleasing" zoological gardens in Regent's Park. The region's towns and villages are listed according to which line they are on, for instance the Ashford and Canterbury branch or the Canterbury and Whitstable. Each place is briefly described, giving the main hotel, market day, the nearest telegraph station and any notable features. Outside London the population is also given. Windsor has a population of 9,596, and "no Briton can view unmoved the stately towers of Windsor's castled keep." Heading out west, Stratford-on-Avon's population was only 3,372 in 1861, and Bletchley, with a population of only 433, had a telegraph station but only one train per day. In the north, Sheffield, "this great seat of the cutlery trade" had a population of more than 155,000 to support its steel industry, "the best of which is made with iron imported from Sweden". A true treasure trove of information in facsimile over two columns. Four combined volumes, each of around 100 pages, numerous original facsimile prints and maps and adverts for cheap excursions to razors! Full price.
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