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Sub-titled 'Old-Fashioned Ways to Banish Dirt, Dust and Decay', with the recent virus, we have all been scrubbing our homes and keeping our clothes nice and clean. Combining great 'below-stairs' social history with startling facts and useful tips, Lucy Lethbridge revisits fast-disappearing skills to keep at bay dust, rust, mildew, stains and pests. Here are the tricks and techniques that generations once took for granted - how to get rid of water marks or heat-rings on polished wood, the antibacterial qualities of simple vinegar, the merits of the damp cloth versus the dry duster, the power of lemon juice to clear limescale. We learn that in the days when houses were spring-cleaned every year, books were taken out one by one, rubbed gently with a damp cloth, dried and put back. If their bindings were leather, they were given some leather polish. From the late 19th century, there was a passion for disinfectant smelling heavily of carbolic that would kill intruders with a single wipe! Stanley Ager observed that clothes worn by men who habitually smoke cigars were seldom troubled by moths. We learn that we can wipe the insides of drawers and wardrobes with ammonia. Tip! Cockroaches are particularly partial to cucumber and leaving strips of it on the floor of the kitchen at night will send them into a stupor which makes them easier to stamp on in the morning! Remove sea-water stains from leather shoes, freshen a thermos flask with crushed egg shells and vinegar, make your copper pans gleam and see early advertising for the hoover, Lux, all about stain removing blood, old coffee and tea, scorch marks and the best bleaches. Wonderful nostalgic photographs of kitchens and kitchenware and colour postcards and advertising images. 115pp, colour.
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