ANCIENT ROME: Pocket Museum

ANCIENT ROME: Pocket Museum

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The story of Rome can be told as much through its objects as it can be documented in a history book. There are complex works of art that represent the ideology of a ruler, functional tools to kill an enemy or cook a meal, personal objects like a child's toy or lofty marble sculpture. All are part of the Roman civilisation and this book seeks to represent that story with a detailed examination of nearly 200 of the most significant objects. They range from coins of the 5th century BCE to pottery made at the time of the fall of the Western Empire in 476CE, Etruscan pendants with swastika symbols, a silver shell cosmetic holder with goddess riding a sea monster, perfume bottles and glass bead hairpin, rings and earrings, swords and scabbards, a carved throne, a votive tablet with Venetic alphabet and a dedication to Reitia, the statue of a winged lion, the sarcophagus of the spouses, a bronze tripod stand ornately fashioned, a red-figure stamnos, a trumpet, portrait of a Nubian, a bust of Cicero, a tinnabulum or windchime in the form of a phallus, a coin bank, a Neptune and Amphitrite mosaic, surgical equipment, the Great Cameo of France with 24 engraved figures, the lower register of which depicts captured barbarians, a mosaic floor with Orpheus and animals, a relief in marble depicting the Praetorians, Roman curse tablets many recovered from the Bath Complex in the city of Bath, and a long cross-body chain, likely to have been used for decorating the corpse of a woman for burial with 52 pendants of vine leaves, plus weapons and instruments and a Roman 'Swiss army knife' tool. With glossary, timeline and map. Beautifully designed, hundreds of colour illus.
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Excellent source
from Anonymous on 05/06/2021
An interesting mixture of well-known and more obscure pieces providing a survey of several hundred years of Roman art.