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Modern history as told in diaries, letters and journals and compiled by one of Britain's finest pop culture historians, we eavesdrop on the extraordinary and ordinary men and women who lived through the last century. Spectator said of this, 'Travis Elborough is becoming a latter-day Alan Bennett.' On 1st January 1900, Queen Victoria said 'I begin today a new year and a new century, full of anxiety and fear of what may be before us!' Drawing on over 100 contributors, from Beatrice Webb, to Tony Benn, A. C. Benson to Alan Bennett, Virginia Ironside to Hanif Kureishi to unknown individuals whose writings for the Mass Observation Project offer brilliant glimpses into the ordinary man of the street, the book really is the stuff of history. Everything Was Different Then 1900-1913, The Great War, The Roaring Twenties, Love, Hunger, The World At War Again, Austerity to Affluence, The Forgetful Sixties, Crises of the Seventies and A Kick Up the Eighties, and we decided to All Meet Up In The Year 2000. Oona King said 'My whole life I thought I'd be at a wild party at the end of the Millennium. Instead, I was queueing outside Stratford tube station.' Here are some of the greatest advances in science, technology, global communication, navigation, documentation, medicine, civil and legal rights, from a time powered by steam and a horse to the information super highway. Some of the contributors are figures of state or are of importance in the world of art, literature or politics, offering a front row seat at some of the most momentous incidents of the recent past. Ordinary people show their experiences of big events through the prism of their daily lives or at the remove of conversations and news reports, making their accounts all the more compelling. We have first-hand accounts of the Home Front during two world wars, strife on these shores and conflicts overseas, radically changing attitudes towards the monarchy, women, gay rights and immigration. From the Easter Rising to the arrival of e-mail, from the Boer War to New Labour, here are responses to the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, the Moon landing, The Beatles and much more. 463pp, illus.
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