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We are introduced to the hidden communities that live in our gut and other organs in this timely, beautifully designed health book offering a trip into an incredible invisible world. Bacteria have crucial significance we are only just beginning to understand. The book holds up a microscope to the human microbiome and its fascinating workings looking at how bacteria behave, how they benefit you or otherwise, and how you can encourage the good to stay and the bad to depart. It examines the role in key areas of the body - the skin, eyes, mouth, lungs, gut and urogenital system as we learn how to promote the good bacteria on and inside you and combat the harmful ones. There is fascinating information about the most recent discoveries in antibiotics and super bugs, how nanotechnology is being harnessed in the fight against bad bacteria, a glossary to help us get past gut flora and antioxidants to mast cells found beneath the skin surface and throughout the respiratory, urinary and digestive systems which release histamines and other molecules during inflammatory and allergic reactions, and T cells which assist B cells to make specific antibodies against microbes. Cytotoxic T cells kill infected cells, while suppressor T cells keep immune responses under control. And of course virus, a tiny infectious agent that requires living cells in order to reproduce. One deadly one has just arrived. Your mental health is closely linked to the quantity and quality of your sleep together with natural light levels affecting the brain, and gut bacteria playing their part. Our body is a habitat of interacting microorganisms and here we can begin to understand our own personal microbiome and even understand exciting new species of bacteria like the plastic bottle-eaters, oil lovers and disease-causers. Beautifully illustrated, easy to read, 192pp packed with colour illustrations and diagrams. Large softback.
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