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Absolutely no text is necessary in this unashamedly beautiful coffee table book of deserts and arid zones, volcanoes and valleys so remote even the most adventurous would never discover them all. Splashes of colourful wild flowers like dune evening primrose, brittlebush and barrel cactus in California, dramatic amber and yellow stripes on the Vermillion Cliffs national monument Arizona, Monument Valley, Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert, that is just USA in part as we travel through the great Salt Lake basin and Death Valley, on into Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Tunisia, Libya, Namibia, Kalahari Desert, the Judean Desert, into Oman, Iran, the Thar Desert in India and the Gobi in China and Mongolia, into Tibet and then over to Australia to see seven great deserts and along the way the different terrains and reptiles and animals who make their home there. Often in close up detail are extraordinary dwellings or pyramids, trees and dry land, snow-capped volcanoes and arid landscapes, salt flats in crystallised bright white, the Andean fox, undulating dunes and rocks and cacti. This truly is a visual feast. Imagine a sea of sand dunes the size of a European country, a world in motion, exquisite ridge lines perfectly sculpted by the winds and stretching to a layered horizon. Or a remote mountain massif in black rock or sandstone, hewn by the elements and marked in red ochre with the passage of ancient rock artists. Or a salt pan shimmering to a seemingly endless horizon. Welcome to the world's deserts, a realm of astonishing and dramatic beauty, as much places of the soul and the imagination as actual physical terrain. 516 pages, 26.9 x 3.8 x 33cm. Spectacular colour. Multi language edition, new from Könemann.
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ISBN 9783741921223
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