SILVER, SWORD AND STONE: The Story of Latin America

SILVER, SWORD AND STONE: The Story of Latin America

MARIE ARANA    Book Number: 88120    Product format: Hardback

Peruvian by birth, Marie Arana uses three contemporary lives in Latin America to examine the history and social conditions that have made the sub-continent what it is today. Leonor Gonzales is a scavenger for precious metals whose ancestors were driven into forced labour and now her people struggle to escape the massacres of the Shining Path terrorists. Her husband Juan died of a respiratory disease from mineworking, making one final pilgrimage to the Inca temple of the sun at Cuzco to seek a cure. He was refused entry and died a week later, but before he died he tried to tell his children that they could have different lives. Carlos Burgos grew up in Fidel Castro's Cuba. By the time he was 10, there was no food and horse-stealing was the only career option. At the age of 20 Carlos was conscripted to fight in the brutal Angolan war and since then has spent his whole life in petty crime and being kept by a series of women. Castro eventually turned to the Soviet Union for help to solve Cuba's problems, with the resulting disastrous escalation of the Cold War with the US. Xavier Albo, by contrast, is a man of peace who entered the Jesuit college in Barcelona and found himself sent as a missionary to Argentina at the height of the cult of Eva Peron. Discovering his vocation among the Bolivian native peoples, Xavier increasingly questioned his role, seeing himself as learning from them rather than imposing a missionary message. From the Aztecs through Simon Bolivar to Oscar Romero, the author brings the whole of Latin American history into a compelling and challenging narrative. 477pp.
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