FLAGGING PROBLEM: A New Approach to Mental Health

FLAGGING PROBLEM: A New Approach to Mental Health

DR HARRY BARRY    Book Number: 88106    Product format: Paperback

As a General Practitioner of 36 years' experience, Barry strongly believes in involving GPs in patients' mental health issues rather than passing the buck to specialists. He insists that "the driving force behind this book is hope". Barry's approach uses a flag system to identify problem areas. A green flag is normality and balance; nothing to worry about. The red flag is depression, the yellow anxiety, purple addiction and the white flag is suicide. Central to this approach is the study of mood, the highly complex biological network of glands and brain. Neurons process information while glial cells back them up. The Frontal mood is the analysing, processing function while the Limbic mood covers response, appetite and memory. Exercise, diet and contemplation are important in normalising the mood system, and in psychological terms, reducing the stress of unrealistic self-expectations is also key. The red flag of depression can manifest itself in a number of ways: in the most extreme cases, with suicidal thoughts, but also fatigue, weight loss or gain, and sleeplessness. The author identifies symptoms and suggests ways of tackling them, among them cognitive behaviour therapy, a method for redirecting negative thoughts. Other solutions such as antidepressants and reflexology are discussed. Depression at different stages of life has different causes and always requires focused treatment. Anxiety disorders such as OCD or panic attacks have their own biology and treatment, and addiction and suicide receive the serious discussion these subjects always demand. 278pp, paperback.
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