LIGHT: The Visible Spectrum and Beyond

LIGHT: The Visible Spectrum and Beyond

KIMBERLY ARCAND & M. WATZKE    Book Number: 88046    Product format: Hardback

Radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays - light illuminates our world and allows us to see everything around us. But humans can only see a slither of the full spectrum of light known as the electromagnetic spectrum. In this highly visual and original exploration, the authors organise the order of the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays focussing on a different type of light, describing its particular properties, characteristics, and practical uses. Radio waves allow for TV and mobile phone communication; infrared light makes thermal body scanning possible; X-rays allow us to peer inside the human body and view areas around the black holes millions of lightyears away. Read about the characteristics that occur in all types of light such as fluorescence or refraction, how light exists in deep space, and how we can harness it to see things beyond the power of the naked eye. Beautiful, fascinating, the images are stunning - hundreds of full colour photographs on black shiny large pages. See the close-up of a bumble bee covered in pollen, read fact box spotlights on scientists like Johann Ritter who began experimenting with silver chloride, a chemical compound that darkens when exposed to the Sun. He referred to his discovery as 'chemical rays' but the light was later renamed 'ultraviolet', denoting its place beyond the end of the rainbow. Remember the prism and the colourful rainbow on the album cover of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd? A big picture book layout with extended captions and text alongside these magnificent images. 208pp, 10¼" square.
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Well worth a look for anyone with even a slight interest in science.
from Anonymous on 05/09/2020
This is a book you can dip into and enjoy a little at a time. It is very colourful with pictures on every page. The science is wide ranging and explained in everyday terms. It is therefore an excellent introduction but does not provide an in-depth analysis.