SHADOW ABOVE: The Fall and Rise of The Raven

SHADOW ABOVE: The Fall and Rise of The Raven

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"Ravens have always stood out for me. The sheer bulk of the bird that weighs in at 1.3kg and possesses a wingspan of 1.5 metres or five feet means you can't fail to be impressed. But aside from this statuesque presence that manages to encapsulate both eagle and vulture, there is an inner life to the raven that fascinates me." In Roman literature and stories of Ancient Britons, the raven was often depicted as a prophet. For millennia we have tried to explain ourselves using the raven as a symbol and it occupies a unique place in British history. Its hulking shape has come to represent many things - death, all-seeing power, the underworld, and a wildness that remains deep within us. Legend has it that the fate of the nation rests upon the raven, and should the resident birds leave the Tower of London then the entire kingdom will fall. While so much of our wildlife is vanishing, ravens are returning to their former habitats after centuries of exile, moving back from their outposts at the very edge of the country to the city streets from which they once scavenged the bodies of the dead. Joe Shute meets people who live alongside the raven in conflict and peace and unpicks the raven's fierce intelligence in chapters including Bird of Omen, Speaking with Ravens, Ravens and the Forest, Birds of War, Viking Survivors, Ravens in Quarries, and Hunting Ravens. 272pp, illus.
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