HUMAN ANATOMY: Stereoscopic Images of Medical Specimens

HUMAN ANATOMY: Stereoscopic Images of Medical Specimens

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Stereoscopy was invented in 1838 by Sir Charles Wheatstone as a means of studying binocular vision but from later in the 19th century onwards it was used as an invaluable teaching aid, allowing the student to see a medical specimen in a three-dimensional representation from photographs. By photographing an object from a left- and right-eye perspective, placing the two images the correct distance apart on the page, and then viewing with a stereoscope, a viewer with a lens for each eye that makes each image larger and effectively brings them closer to each other, by relaxing the eyes the two images seen at first will morph into one 3-D image, revealing so much more than a normal 2-D image can - trust us, we have tried it and it really works! The Vrolik Museum in Amsterdam has over 10,000 immaculately preserved specimens of human anatomy in its collection and Jim Naughten has selected 50 of the most striking for this book, including pathological specimens afflicted by diseases of the bone, congenital malformations and dissected heads - so not for the overly squeamish, we warn. We begin with introductions to the Vrolik's collection by Curator-director Laurens de Rooy and the history and use of stereoscopy by photographic historian Denis Pellerin before moving onto the specimens, arranged into six chapters: foetuses; nervous systems and sensory organs; limbs; head and neck; internal organs; and bones, and at the end of each chapter there are extended captions with detailed information on the specimens themselves including date and unusual features. Reproduced with stunning clarity, these images permit the viewer an immersive experience not possible with conventional photography. Stereoscope supplied and with elasticated marker to keep the viewed page flat, 144pp, 10½"×9".
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