EMILY WILDING DAVISON: The Martyr Suffragette

EMILY WILDING DAVISON: The Martyr Suffragette

LUCY FISHER    Book Number: 87870    Product format: Paperback

The Times journalist Lucy Fisher draws on the suffragettes' own words, contemporary press reports and academic scholarship to paint a vivid picture of Davison's unusual tale and tragic finale. Emily Wilding Davison was the most famous suffragette to die in the battle for women's rights after colliding with the King's horse at the Epsom Derby in 1913. But who was she, and how did she end up dying for her cause? Her notorious final act of protest has for decades obscured her extraordinary life. Now 100 years on from the first British women winning the vote, this biography reveals the story of the respectable governess who pivoted towards vandalism and violence in pursuit of female enfranchisement. Read of Davison's seven hunger strikes and the 49 times she was force fed. Admire her bravery and sustained militancy. Read the story of a courageous woman, intelligent, dedicated and uncompromising who died for Votes for Women. After seizing the bridal of the King's horse as it raced around Tottenham Corner, Emily died some four days later from brain damage. Her militancy had led to her being shunned by the Pankhursts. 278pp in paperback. Photos.
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