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Exquisitely designed and produced by the Parisian publisher Flammarion, the cloth binding is embossed with hieroglyphics in this landscape format tome full of beautiful watercolours. As the day breaks spilling warm, honeyed light over Cairo, Florine Asch sets out with her sketchpad, pencils and paintbrushes. In her journey through this ancient and mysterious land she encounters the sandstone hills of Abu Simbel, the Pyramids of Giza, the baroque elegance of Cairo's grand interiors, a spring in the middle of the desert, sailing boats seen from the terrace of the Old Cataract, Wady Kardassy Temple at Nubia, the Isle of Carr Ibrim, makes a rendition of David Roberts' two painters, the Temple at Edfu, a turquoise earthenware sphinx, a shepherd boy, terraces and hotels, shops and people all beautifully drawn by her hand. From the tranquillity of a felucca floating down the Nile to the bustle of the spice stalls in the market, here is life in the city and the beauty of the desert all come to life under her brush. With handwritten captions throughout and short text, quotations and full page watercolours. 11" x 8½", gorgeous illustrations.
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ISBN 9782080304391
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