PAINTER OF PEDIGREE: Thomas Weaver of Shrewsbury

PAINTER OF PEDIGREE: Thomas Weaver of Shrewsbury

LAWRENCE TREVELYAN WEAVER    Book Number: 87826    Product format: Hardback

Sub-titled 'Animal Artist of the Agricultural Revolution', Thomas Weaver was one of a small group of artists who pioneered paintings of livestock. At the end of the 18th century, novel methods of breeding generated new farm and sporting animals with striking appearances and improbable dimensions. Weaver's career took him from picturing the ponies and mares of the local gentry to painting portraits of prize farm animals and thoroughbred stallions for the foremost agricultural improvers of Georgian England. He painted pedigree sheep for the 'great patron of agriculture', Coke of Norfolk, and the celebrated Durham Ox, bred by the Colling brothers. He depicted horses in the pastoral and romantic styles of George Stubbs and Theodore Géricault. Weaver's pictures achieve accurate likenesses, softened by humour, charm and luminous skies, peaceful scenes like 'Hunters in a Stable with Groom' 1809 featuring a tiny dog, Mr Blackburn's Trotting Horse, the unrivalled Lincolnshire Heifer, a Prize Devon Bull, horses with flaring nostrils and swollen veins, the grossly oversized Bull Comet on page 122 with the completely horizontal flat back and square shape, both white and black spotted, An Appaloosa Horse and a Spaniel, and the elegant Llamas and Fox, plus portraits of people and still life. Far from being a sentimental or eccentric sideshow, farm animal portraiture was part of an economic revolution and this admirable biography illuminates the art, life and times of an unjustly neglected artist. His animals are illustrated with expressive glances, stance and posture and the whole book is based on a unique and hitherto unexamined collection of Thomas Weaver's papers and pictures, personal and professional correspondence, contemporary newspaper cuttings, verse, fragments of his diary and portraits of his family. Also illustrated with his paintings and prints many of which hang in English country houses and examples from George Stubbs and others too. A heavyweight quality hardback, 398 large pages, pagemarker.
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