MURDER IN THE CITY: New York 1910-1920

MURDER IN THE CITY: New York 1910-1920

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Each of the photographs collected in this book tells of a brutal crime. Disturbingly, they depict the tragedies that led to murder and testify at the same time to the banality of death. This is real crime beyond any fiction, shocking photographs of crime scenes which often reveal more than police logs, witness statements or newspaper articles. They are eloquent contemporary witnesses that tell us the story of a crime from an apparently emotionless perspective. The old New York is seen from a new perspective in hundreds of rare and historic photographs discovered in the renovation of the former police headquarters in New York City. There are tales of missing persons, pickpockets, street accidents, jewellery thefts, shootings, gang fights, and botched robberies. There are gruesome photographs of bodies on sidewalks, two men dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft, in dirty stairwells, slumped in automobiles, in bars, restaurants and pool halls, and even in barrel in a field. Murder weapons, burglary tools, and everyday weapons with fingerprints are featured alongside the grime and gore. The photos were shot by ordinary policemen, wanted pictures, mugshots, but also spectacular pictures of remarkable buildings, bold bridges, traffic and crowds at the time of New York City in the vortex of growth. Busy shops, colourful awnings, Manhattan waterfront, views from Brooklyn Bridge, many shootings were in the street. Here are victims butchered in their beds, married couples, crooks and archbishops, grimy boarding houses, dusty bars and dirty streets, greed and gang warfare. 150 black and white photographs, and warning, some are very shocking. 240 large pages measuring 9½" x 12".
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