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Jazz can be slippery to grasp. Without a familiar form or a hard-and-fast format, and largely ruled by improvisation, jazz music can leave a novice baffled, unsure how to listen. Observer columnist Dave Gelly has written extensively on the subject of jazz. He takes us from the African-American roots all the way to the global mix of styles and performers in today's music scene along the way looking at shape, style and instruments, key personalities and recordings, and what might be expected next. He looks in detail at the classic jazz albums like Louis Armstrong's 'Satch Plays Fats' where Fats Waller's charm and melodic genius permeates these entertaining songs and inspires some of Louis Armstrong's most relaxed, lyrical trumpet playing and singing. The success of Benny Goodman's 1938 concert at the Carnegie Hall helped raise the profile of jazz from that of mere entertainment to an art form. Goodman was a virtuoso classical clarinettist. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Michael Brecker and Keith Jarrett are among the brilliant musicians and pianists to introduce fresh musical ideas in jazz, sometimes bypassing the limitations of the 32-bar song form and conventional jazz harmonies and dispensing with the usual bass and drums rhythm section. Blues at its heart, jazz is a complex organism and an uncompromising music to challenge both audiences and critics. Punchy and engaging entries, each comprising 300 words and an image helps you get to grips with the basics in under a minute. 160pp in large softback, colour photos.
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