JOHN WAYNE: A Photographic Celebration

JOHN WAYNE: A Photographic Celebration

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One of the few conservative Republicans in Hollywood during his time, John Wayne was a controversial figure, meticulous about his image, believing that his status as a patriotic icon was a responsibility. From Stage Coach to his Oscar-winning performance in True Grit, we love this gallery. A chunky block of a picture book with some 300 terrific film stills, in both quality black and white and full colour, of the great Hollywood actor John Wayne with colourful pages opposite with a one line or pull quote about his attitude to women, politics, never shooting a man in the back or facts like that all three of his wives were of Latino descent. 'You can't eat awards. Nor, more to the point, drink 'em.' - John Wayne. An avid fan presents a terrific collection of behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera stills from the best loved westerns and war films, from when he was very young and handsome to his older years, all mixed up in a really enjoyable take on a remarkable career. 'Wayne was a very, very good actor, in the most highbrow sense of the word.' - Katherine Hepburn. Wayne enjoyed working with Lauren Bacall in their first film together, Blood Alley 1955, so much that he hand picked her as his leading lady for The Shootist. Great facts punctuate a dreamy cast of stars and memorable scenes from films including what looks like a real punch being delivered flattening the face of an opponent on page 166. Political activist, it includes also what others thought of him in quotes and philosophy: 'Mine is a rebellion against the monotony of life'. 453pp, softback.
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