TURKEY: A Short History

TURKEY: A Short History

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Always a controversialist, Norman Stone is at his most eloquent in this incisive history of the country where he chose to spend his later years after a career that included an Oxford professorship. The Ottoman Empire, centred on Turkey, finally vanished from the map after World War I. From the 14th century it had expanded from its Turkish base to the river Volga in Russia and across the Mediterranean to Ethiopia, but its territories were gradually lost in the modern age. Stone argues that the Ottomans maintained Iraq and surrounding countries in comparative peace when set against the conflicts unleashed by British power in India and Palestine, but that the establishment of the Turkish secular state under Atatürk in 1923 led to predictable unrest as the elimination of Islam and the suppression of the Kurds was followed by language reforms and the banning of Ottoman headgear such as the fez and turban. In the mid-20th century, having initially refused to join World War II, Turkey eventually benefited from US aid, and democratic elections were followed by military coups as Islam made a comeback. Stone locates the origins of recent turmoil in the era of the westernising Tanzimat in the mid-19th century. The Crimean War was partly provoked by Tanzimat reformers, and following the peace American missionaries set up schools and the Sultan opened his own schools for both Muslims and non-Muslims, undermining cultural identity. A financial crash accelerated the disintegration of the empire. 192pp, softback, maps, bibliography, chronology, black and white reproductions.
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