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Our Annie is lucky enough to own two original Susan Herbert cat paintings so she got her paws and claws straight into this bargain. They are 20 detachable posters featuring feline reimaginings of scenes from some of the greatest of Shakespeare's plays, drawn from Susan Herbert's popular book Shakespeare Cats. Clever and funny, the cats' faces show little expression which adds to the hilarity of the exquisitely coloured artworks of for example Romeo & Juliet, the balcony scene, her red tail standing erect, Romeo hugging her through the ornate Italian villa windows, and in a second painting both lying poisoned, seemingly dead, in the crypt. There is a triumphant kingly cat, an ermine-clad cat, beautifully robed female characters, Julius Caesar paw outstretched, Cleopatra in peacock feather robe and golden ornamentation, Richard III looking dastardly or in a second image 'girdling one another within their innocent alabaster arms' as two ginger cats lie on the bed, a book open on their pillow, and the two assassins Dighton and Forrest peeping from behind the bed curtains. The Taming of the Shrew wedding scene is quite hilarious, with Kate thrown over Petruchio's shoulder. 20 highly original individual scenes, the posters are easy to remove and ready for framing. And a lot cheaper to buy than the original artworks! Posters 11" x 14". Softback.
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ISBN 9780500420584
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