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Famous for his fat cats and wine drinkers, St Trinian's schoolgirls, Ronald Searle (1920-2011) had been a prisoner of war from 1942-45 in Singapore and Thailand and cartooned during his internment. Appointed an OBE in 2004, his cartoons are funny and subversive, laugh-out-loud in their observation with just a wry line or a pair of eyes showing an expression. Working in colour or straight illustration, here too are preparatory drawings in a lavishly produced volume of colour illustrations and line art, virtually unseen by the public since their origin in the 1960s. During this golden age of illustrative reportage, Searle was sent by American magazines such as Holiday and LIFE to far flung and exotic locations which he would observe and experience in his trademark satirical and virtuoso style. From Alaska to Wall Street, sporting life, the world of wine, anatomies, Prince Philip's royal visit, the New York World's Fair through Atlantic City, Washington DC, Florida, New Orleans, California, Palm Springs, Hawaii and Alaska (and Canada!) to Reno, here is politics of an Englishman in New York and further beyond. One of the highest-paid artists on the staff at Punch, Searle's skills were highly prized for a reason. Packed with observation just in a New York line drawing alone we see a noodle manufacturer to a quiet school, feel the throb of Count Basie's Bar in Harlem, Central Park before he moved on to California where there was plenty to caricature. The stage is set for these energetic drawings, often laugh-out-loud funny, showing appreciation of the Native American Indians and their totem poles and eagles, here in a riot of colour, curvaceous bathing beauties, cheeky dinosaurs, showgirls and a multitude of animals. We adore the double pages of 186 187, beginning with an Eskimo walking his dog, moose hanging out wearing their cool sun shades, and a cacophony of animals including walrus crossing the road in front of a puzzled car full of holidaymakers, the sign reading 'Alcan Highway Danger Animals Crossing.' In Palm Beach a society lady with plumed hat snootily looks down her nose as the black hotel staff member literally irons the green lawn. The caustic cartoonist spent several decades covering everything from the presidential contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, and everyone including athletes and retirees in illustrations for magazines such as New Yorker and TV Guide, many of which have never been collected and published until now. Jokes galore from this special nib, this is going to be a highly collectable and is now a special and rare out of print art book. Special import. 368pp, 27.4 x 3 x 35cm, 350 plus illus.
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