LIGHTS ON! The Science of Power Generation

LIGHTS ON! The Science of Power Generation

MARK DENNY    Book Number: 87716    Product format: Paperback

Electrical, coal, oil and natural gas, hydro, nuclear and solar, devoting individual chapters to each of the forms of power in use today, Denny explains the pros and cons of each, their availability worldwide, and which are in dwindling supply. Power generation is a relatively recent concern because humans had little need for sustained power until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Today modern civilisation is wholly dependent on the production and distribution of power and without it, our way of life would be extinguished. Denny takes us on a fun tour, examining the nature of energy, tracing the history of power generation, explaining the processes from production through transmission to use. Is natural gas the best alternative energy source in the near term? Could solar power be the answer to all our problems? Why is nuclear power such a hard sell, and are the concerns valid? His approach is that of a scientist and engineer and he addresses environmental concerns providing information and estimations for a variety of power generators. With many illustrations including one of Bagger 293, the world's largest bucket-wheel coal shovel and bar charts for example of total oil spillage for the years 1966 to 2011 or the spot price of Brent crude oil. 247pp in illustrated softback.
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