THIS DARK BUSINESS: The Secret War Against Napoleon

THIS DARK BUSINESS: The Secret War Against Napoleon

TIM CLAYTON    Book Number: 87693    Product format: Hardback

The riveting story of the British Government's determination to destroy Napoleon Bonaparte by any means possible. When Napoleon came to power in 1799, many believed the he would establish post-Revolutionary France as a liberal democracy, but an onslaught of Government-backed newspapers, pamphlets, posters and caricatures presented him as a bloodthirsty tyrant. They had the help of networks of French Royalist spies and hitmen who also tried to assassinate Napoleon. The book plunges the reader into the hidden underworld of Georgian politics which, faced with the terrifying prospect of revolution, bribery and coercion are the normal means to secure compliance, a ruthless world of spies, plots and lies. Tim Clayton reveals two British-backed royalist plots to assassinate Napoleon in 1800 and 1804. It is a world of secret policemen, safehouses, invisible ink, and the story of Jean-Claude Méhée de la Touche who convinced the British authorities that he was a turn-coat republican and, taken on and paid thousands of pounds, acted as a double agent to report on the public mood in Paris. The reports to his spymaster were concocted in Napoleon's office. The British Government launched a campaign of black propaganda of unprecedented scope and intensity to persuade George III's reluctant subjects to fight the Napoleonic War and destroy Bonaparte by any means possible. What masked the truth was the British refusal to make peace either with Revolutionary France or with the man who claimed to personify the revolution. To secure the continuing rule of church and king, the British invented an evil enemy, and blackened Napoleon's name. Tim Clayton is an expert on the London print trade and shows how the Corsican Usurper and Little Boney was vilified and this image of Napoleon has been a lasting one. 420pp, many colour plates, cast of characters and three maps.
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