TRAVELLING VET: From Pets to Pandas, My Life in Animals

TRAVELLING VET: From Pets to Pandas, My Life in Animals

JONATHAN CRANSTON    Book Number: 87636    Product format: Hardback

From micro-chipping armadillos to anaesthetising giraffes, Jonathan Cranston has met and helped both beloved family pets and extraordinary creatures from the wild. What started as the dream to become a vet at six years old has become a full-blown addiction to travelling the world and experiencing the diversity of the animal kingdom. The book will explore the numerous creatures encountered by the author, from snow leopard, swan, and kangaroo, to elephant, maned wolf, and the giant panda. Each fun story is followed by a page of facts about the animal. Some will giggle at the experience of an iguana potentially eating a woman's engagement ring and the requirement of cotton wool to keep him still on the x-ray plate, and some will admire the beautiful white rhino who undergoes a dehorning process in the hopes that it will save her from falling prey to poachers. Discover characters such as Pollyanne the donkey who loved to perform and trotted the boards in the opera, Carmen, Freddie the ferret who accidently ate marijuana, and Sean and Shane the Australian sugar glider brothers who were castrated to stop their fighting. The book includes brilliant photographs of the author with his animal friends, whether he is cuddling a sedated leopard, helping out with lambing in North Devon at the age of 8, and with his faithful canine companions Max and Mungo. The images include a clinical examination of a panda cub to darting a zebra from a helicopter, and the process of demonstrating a cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a giraffe. Whether wrestling a 700kg Nile crocodile amid a pen of 119 others, or scampering after a swan, this book will transport the reader across the world and among many beloved animals. Colour photos, 326pp.
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