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Sub-titled 'The Rise and Fall of the Princess de Lamballe' the book is a fascinating insight into how the closest to the King and Queen viewed the French Revolution. Using sources primarily from the 1700s and 1800s, here are dozens of uncommon stories told about Marie Antoinette, Princess de Lamballe, and her brother-in-law the Duc d'Orléans, his various relationships and facets within the monarchy that fanned the French Revolution. Perhaps no one knew Marie Antoinette better than her closest confidante, the Princess de Lamballe, superintendent of the Queen's household. We have her unique perspective of the lavishness and daily intrigue at Versailles. The Princess was herself originally married to one of the richest heirs in France who transported her from the famous House of Savoy in Turin to the gold-leafed and glittering chandeliered halls of the extravagant 2,800 acre chateau at Versailles. Once there, she soon found herself immersed in political, sexual and court scandals, and as the plotters and planners fought at all costs to gain the favour of Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie Antoinette, the Princess de Lamballe was there to witness it all. At the same time, the mounting will of the people was threatening to overthrow the monarchy. Here is her version of these real life historic events, capturing the waning days and grisly demise of the French monarchy in the late 1700s. It titillates the reader with sexual rumours, blood-thirsty revolutionaries, and hair-raising escape attempts. 250pp, photos and woodcuts, the last of which is a painting in 1908 depicting the death of the Princess of Lamballe, young, beautiful, naked lying on her back dead in a cobbled street, surrounded by peasant onlookers. With cast of characters.
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